What people say:

“[Zymple] not only recommended and helped us solve our technology problems but also patiently help us improve the way we work with it”
~ Yusuf Kasidit, CTO Azenqos

Our mission

People, rather than technology, should be the focus of any solution.
Businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start ups to mom and pops are increasingly reliant on technology to solve problems, but technology for many ends up being a source of endless torment and frustration.
Zymple’s approach is to form a relationship with our clients and have regular conversations with them. This way we learn a lot about our clients, their strengths and weaknesses, joys and frustrations. We then ask ourselves “What technology can augment our client’s strengths to reduce frustration and increase happiness?”
By focusing on  our client’s strengths, being mindful of their weaknesses and making incremental but regular improvements, our solutions then tend to feel very simple, thus the name of our company. If the client is not ready, we slowly ease them in, building up strength and capability until the technology unleashes their potential.

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